Seasons greetings no. 12

For discussion of John Ajvide Lindqvist's novel Låt den rätte komma in
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Seasons greetings no. 12

Post by johnajvide » Tue Dec 22, 2020 1:34 pm

To those of you who still linger: Merry christmas!
I see that the activity here has slowed down. In a few days I will paste a link to this site on my brand new homepage (, and maybe we will see a few new stirrings.
Just a few days ago I got a suggestion for a cover to "I am the Tiger", so I suppose that the english publication of "X" is finally moving along. The translation is done.
In two weeks my new, 720-page novel Vänligheten (The Kindness) is coming out here in Sweden. It´s been sold to Norway and Denmark and an english translation of the first 60 pages has been made, so if we just keep our fingers crossed hard enough the whole thing might be available in english some time in the future.
Lately I´ve been busy with writing the pilot for an american teveseries. Things are looking great, and it seems I will be writing the whole thing, maybe 8 episodes. My first time writing something of that scale in english. All is so, so secret, of course.
A norwegian movie is going to be made from my novel (and script) "Handling the undead". The directer is an extremely talented young woman by the name of Thea Hvistendahl. It´s supposed to start shooting in august next year, but we´ll see what the Corona has to say about that.
A production of my original script "The World Council of Magic" is also moving along in Sweden. It´s quite a special story in that all the six main protagonists are in their 80s and it will be a dream to cast.
Right now I´m writning a story for a british anthology. I will probably call it "She" and it´s quite a brutal ghost story. I´ve also written a 300+ page novel that is so secret that I shouldnt even mention it.
I´ve also had some fun writing a book I call "Alternate facts about birds", surrealistic, made-up facts about 25 swedish birds that my wife is now making illustrations for.
Phew. It´s been a busy year. Right now reading "Io non ho paura" by Niccolo Ammaniti, because I´m studying italian. Fell in love with Sicily last year, and not many people there speak english, so ... By the way, if you have the chance to see the series "Il Miracolo" by the same Ammaniti, do! Best thing I´ve seen this year. Gira il mondo, gira ...
Finally gotten around to playing Resident Evil 7. Started playing two years ago and got so scared that it took me this long time to once again dare. And I don´t even play in VR. Great game, but I must remember to breathe.
Ok, that´s it for this year. Take care, and be kind to one onother and yourself.


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Re: Seasons greetings no. 12

Post by intrige » Tue Dec 22, 2020 3:08 pm

Norwegian movie you say?.. :o

Some traditions don't die out and here is one. It is always so special to hear from you John. You write so much, it is mind blowing!! I can imagine that it takes a lot of mental dicipline to sit down and write so much, I know I can't do it! Happy holidays to you! Us infected will be here next year, for sure ;)
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Re: Seasons greetings no. 12

Post by Siggdalos » Tue Dec 22, 2020 3:37 pm

God jul och gott nytt år, John!

As someone who's been browsing this site for a long while but only made an account recently, I would say that this forum is still going relatively strong (at least for a property this old), so I hope it'll stick around for years to come.

I'm really looking forward to The Kindness and I can't wait to see how Handling the Undead turns out. I watched Il miracolo earlier this year and really liked it, but I feel like the ending left a few too many unanswered questions for my taste.
johnajvide wrote:I´ve also written a 300+ page novel that is so secret that I shouldnt even mention it.
De höll om varandra i tystnad. Oskar blundade och visste: detta var det största. Ljuset från lyktan i portvalvet trängde svagt in genom hans slutna ögonlock, la en hinna av rött för hans ögon. Det största.

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Re: Seasons greetings no. 12

Post by danielmann861 » Mon Dec 28, 2020 3:20 am

Hey John!

Seasons greetings!

Very much looking forward to I Am The Tiger next year. Finally got around to reading I Always Find You this year and absolutely loved it so I look forward to the next installment of this trilogy of sorts.

Then begins the long wait for Vä this point, might as well just learn Swedish ;)

Looking forward to hearing more about Handling the Undead...hopefully we get back to some semblance of normalcy in the new year and it get moving forward but will see.

Resident Evil 7 in VR truly is something. ;)

Hope all is well and take care,
Thanks for continuing to post these annual updates.
All the best

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Re: Seasons greetings no. 12

Post by be-me-a-little » Mon Dec 28, 2020 8:41 pm

Lovely to hear from you John! I was so looking forward to hearing your latest seasons greetings!

So exciting to hear that we will be getting a new book by you in English! Also so excited about Handling The Undead going ahead with production! That was the second book I ever read by you (:

So glad to hear you are so busy, and I can't wait for more books and films and tv series that you have been working on.

Best wishes as always,

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Re: Seasons greetings no. 12

Post by Unconditional » Thu Dec 31, 2020 12:14 am

Nice! Thank you for the update :)
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Re: Seasons greetings no. 12

Post by a_contemplative_life » Thu Dec 31, 2020 2:16 am

The website really looks great! So glad to hear that you are busy with your writing...hope to see more of it in English soon!

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Re: Seasons greetings no. 12

Post by CyberGhostface » Sun Jan 03, 2021 6:26 am

Looking forward to your future works.

I felt the same way when I first played Resident Evil 7. I also ended up taking some time off because I was so nervous exploring the house with the father walking around in the background.
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Re: Seasons greetings no. 12

Post by manananmaclir » Wed Feb 10, 2021 9:29 pm

It is so cool that JAL posts here, even if infrequently. I haven't found an author I was so taken with in many years.

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Re: Seasons greetings no. 12

Post by Milkman » Fri Mar 12, 2021 4:37 pm

Thank you for the update!

It's great to read about your projects, well, about your career in general. But reading about what video game you're into at the moment, that's something else entirely ahaha.
I'm recent here and I'm simply loving it! Someone told me about this forum and I'm so thankful!
And I just noticed, in the "Seasons greetings no. 10" that you already have some thoughts about a possible follow-up to "Let The Right One In", and it's a full novel with Eli and Oskar as main characters, :cry:
This means so much to me, I can't wait to "hear" from you again. Hopefully with some news, or at least to assure all of us that you're still thinking about the follow-up novel.

Anyway, from what I understand you give updates by the end of each year. I'm looking forward to it, with the Covid situation, I reckon time will go by like a flash.

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