(Spoilers) 230 pages in -- This book is a damn page turner!

For discussion of John Ajvide Lindqvist's novel X - den sista platsen
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(Spoilers) 230 pages in -- This book is a damn page turner!

Post by danielmann861 » Sat Jul 17, 2021 5:15 pm

Holy shit this book is damn good! I don't want to go out on a limb here as I still haven't finished it, but this might be my favourite of the three. This thing moves. This book grabs you and doesn't let you go. I've been reading all weekend and it hasn't let me go. The bits and pieces of all three novels are starting to come together and I think I have an idea of what is going on and how these three novels come together.

Linus and Tommy T have my complete and utter undivided attention. Alright, enough of that. Time to hit up the spoilers so if you don't want to know or are still waiting for the book...LEAVE NOW!


-- Holy fucking shit! Olof and Lennart are still alive in the field! I was so sure they were left for dead, but holy shit! They're still alive along with Cat and Dog. Did not see that coming, at all. Hell, they're kept alive at that. They're spared from the acid rain. Actually that was the first proper explanation of the field. The acid rain is used to wash away the filth.

-- Is X the little boy that fictional John was writing about in the woods in I Always Find You? From memory, there was a passage in I Always Find You where the little boy was leaking the black stuff from his nose...Linus entered the field via said black stuff coming out of X's nose...in the field, X is portrayed as a little boy and says he created this place as a little boy. I'm calling it now, that little boy in the woods that fictional John met is behind all of this.

-- The Himmelstrand connection still intrigues me...now more than ever.

-- So the darkness is filled with dead bodies, it is safe to assume then that Peter, Carina, Steffan, Donald, Marje and the little boy are probably dead, right? I am curious as to what became of them...I assumed death was their outcome at the end of I Am Behind You but will be curious if they are mentioned as the novel goes on. They were already mentioned earlier in the novel as Tommy T is proceeding with his investigation, he mentions four caravans that went missing.

-- Speaking of which, will Molly show up in the remaining pages? I noticed the tunnel incident with Isabelle leaving Molly in the tunnel was mentioned earlier on in the novel, which makes me REALLY curious as to whether she will show up or not.

-- The drug connections of I Am The Tiger help to put I Always Find You in further context. It wasn't hard to see the drug parallel in I Always Find You as they fed their blood to the black substance in exchange of entering the field to live out their fantasies. The drug connection here is starting to make sense.

-- Still curious about the white beings...again, I have more to go and we only just met X and finally got back to the field so I have no idea how it plays from here...all bets are off...but I am curious if the white beings get explained or not. Or if the mechanics of this field get explained...I assume we will find out more now that we've met X.

-- Still plenty of questions left unanswered...but I'm VERY keen to see how this all ties up.


Yeah, depending on how this wraps up, this might be my favourite of the three...I'm really into Tommy T and Linus and am gripped by the throat to find out more.

It's a real page turner...that's for damn sure.

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Re: (Spoilers) 230 pages in -- This book is a damn page turner!

Post by danielmann861 » Sun Jul 18, 2021 4:40 am

330 pages in and the holy shit moments keep coming:

SPOILERS (don't look if you don't want them)

-- So that passage with Himmelstrand in I Am Behind You was actually real. According to the corrupt Albin, he disappeared from the hospital, so that passage in I Am Behind You...It was actually Himmelstrand alive in that world. Or so I presume...which clears up my confusion on that. I remember reading that passage in I Am Behind You and thinking "is this really happening or not?"

-- Still curious about X. Originally I thought it may have been the boy fictional John met in the woods in I Always Find You but the timelines don't really match up...but I still believe that boy has something to do with all of this and I'm hungry for answers.

-- my big HOLY F'N SHIT moment of the book -- The 1982 massacre at the Blackeberg Bath house is briefly mentioned...meaning this is all taking place in the same world as Let the Right One In :o :o I was not expecting that to be referenced...but holy shit, this is taking place in the same world as LTROI. Correct me if I'm wrong, but none of his other books have actually ever mentioned it, right? Handling the Undead, Harbour, Little Star I refer to mostly. I can't remember them ever mentioning it. So I was totally unprepared to find out this story is taking place in the same world as LTROI.

Which only leads me to further questions...considering John is the protagonist of I Always Find You and even mentions LTROI in some form. The levels of meta are fucking with me right now. :D :lol: Maybe I should re-read I Always Find You after this.

I can't stop reading...I need to find out where this is all going. This book is absolutely enthralling and depending on how it all wraps up, it might be my personal favourite of this trilogy. But we'll see...another 100 odd pages to go as we enter the home stretch. I should have this done by the end of the day then I'll come back and write up full thoughts.

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