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The World Council of Magic (Variety article)

Posted: Mon Feb 08, 2021 1:37 am
by Siggdalos
On February 6, Variety posted a short article about JAL's previously-announced upcoming film project Magiska världsrådet (The World Council of Magic).
Variety wrote:NENT Group’s Swedish label Brain Academy is plotting two major films from A-list writing-directing teams. The first, “The World Council of Magic,” is helmed by “The Most Beautiful Boy in the World”’s Kristian Petri, based on a screenplay by genre-bending author John Ajvide Lindqvist(”Border,” “Let the Right One In”).

”The World Council of Magic” is my first script not based on one of my stories,” said Lindqvist, often dubbed the Stephen King of Sweden. The film deals with a group of elderly magicians of the practical kind. In their hungry youth, they searched for the secret behind actual magic. Now, when they’re in their seventies, one of them gets the long-awaited revelation that allows him to manipulate the material world with his mind,

“Magic, real magic! But like with all great powers, it comes at a high – and bloody – price” said Lindqvist. “Despite their own lack of powers, the other members of the group know that they have to put a stop to the madness. But maybe they have powers that they’re not yet aware of?”

Lindqvist who’s had a passion for magic since an early age, said the project is his ”exploration of how far we are willing to go to transcend the petty human condition.”

Brain Academy’s executive producer and co-founder Helena Danielsson said Lindqvist and Petri share a 10-year long friendship and collaboration. ”We’re in a privileged situation as Lindqvist’s script is ready. It’s a fully developed package and we’re casting for financing,” she said.
It'll definitely be interesting to see how this turns out.