Peter Himmelstrand

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Peter Viktor Himmelstrand born 4 June 1936 in Eskilstuna , died 8 March 1999 in Huddinge , was a Swedish songwriter and journalist at Expressen . Himmelstrand was a prolific songwriter and wrote both music and lyrics to the country's biggest pop singer during the 1960 - and 1970's . He wrote over 3000 lyrics and music for more than 400 songs. Himmelstrand also acted as arranger and record producer.
Himmelstrand wrote two songs that won Eurovision Song Contest in 1968 and again in 1978. He was married to singer Kerstin Aulén .
Peter Himmelstrand died on March 8, 1999 in Huddinge of emphysema.

Source:Wikipedia, Web.

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Re: Peter Himmelstrand

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Ah, yes, this song gives me reminiscences of my childhood.

Heja mamma!
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