Monday, January 1st, 2018
I was in my bed, trying to sleep but I didn't want to sleep, so I take one pill, two pills actually, It has been like this since the night of Jerry's death (my young brother), I was beginning to have weird dreams, some weirder than others but one these dreams is constantly repeating every night for the last few months, I can see Jerry on his bicycle, he looks like he's having fun but suddenly Jerry hears a voice coming over trees, a little girl's voice and Jerry goes to find the place where the voice is coming, I lost sight of it, in a manner of seconds I can hear some screams coming from over the trees, I run fast, very fast to find Jerry and I find him, but I also see something else, two more children are with Jerry and... What are they doing with his head? NOOOO!
I try to find my gun, but the only thing I have in my pockets it's a pocket knife, I begin to run towards the two slender figures with the knife at hand but they disappeared in a manner of seconds they're gone I said, the only thing I can see before waking up it's the body of Jerry in the dirt I hold is motionless hand I tell him "I will find them, Jerry, I promise"
The night rushes so quickly that I am awake before I notice, I'm just want to sleep all day but I know that would be an irresponsible thing for me to do since I had to do important things this day and I just want to forget even for a couple of hours that I had that dream again.
I begin to get ready to get out, I take a shower maybe I should shave since I haven't done since my last birthday, but I throw the idea away, I'm not the biggest fan of putting a blade too close to my neck, I put my clothes on when I'm already done with the shower when I exit my house I'd almost forgotten my survival knife, It's not like I will use it, but just in case... Just in case.
John Doe leaves his house as any other day of the week of the last year.
John has spent the last year in a manhunt, but what he is about to discover isn't what he has expected, John Doe is about to become a vampire hunter and he doesn't know it yet.

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