Let the Long Night End

It's 1984, and Oskar enjoys a New Year's celebration alone in the cold winter nights of Michigan, a new land and a fresh beginning. Torn between the temptations of the day and the loneliness of the night, he meets a cursed stranger- and finds himself on the opposite side of a chance encounter between lost souls, hungry for companionship. But can this stranger be trusted, especially when Eli remains asleep and defenseless? Can Eli be trusted, when he awakens, to tolerate this stranger and his interference into the routine of their lives? Who will be let in, and who must be let go?

Set Me as a Seal upon Your Heart Part 2


Vällingby – The Hideout

Oskar and Eli leave the courtyard and move across the irregular terrain of the Grimstaskogen nature preserve. As they move through the dark forest, they tune their eyes and ears for other presences. The few words they speak are so hushed that only they can hear them.

Set Me as a Seal upon Your Heart Part 1

The book and screenplay, Let the Right One In, the short story, "Let the Old Dreams Die," and the characters and ideas found in them are the intellectual property of John Ajvide Lindqvist, who wrote the novel, screenplay, and short story upon which Set Me as a Seal upon Your Heart is based.



Oskar. Dawn

Chapter 63A: After the dream (or Who’s on First?)

Year: 2019; Date: May 13.

“It’s like getting blood out of a stump,” Jason groused.

Chapter 54: Descent into Darkness.

Oskar stood there motionless, arms at his sides, unable to fully grasp what he had just seen. Hannah, sobbing quietly to herself, took Oskar’s hand in hers and squeezed it tightly. They watched Sava fly rapidly back and forth across the bay no more than three feet above the water, frantically searching for any sign of life… or death.

Part 3

One day as I was cleaning up some old files from some of our clients a thick book fell from one of the shelves. It had a black cover. It said:
'Eli's hidden super super secret diary that not even Oskar knows about'
I took a pick. Hey most of the pages were about me! So I decided to read from the beginning.
Entry one:
That day...
Entry One:
What can I say? Oskar is cute. He melted my heart when he told me:
"Let me come with you."

Part 2

Lessons Lessons and more lessons

Well being a (Oh yeah I forgot that word that Eli does not like), Oskar told me never to mention that 7 letter forbidden word infront of Eli. She goes all crazy and then there will be many broken bones. Possibly broken furniture too and he does not want to disturb the neighbors.
So here I was ready to start my first lesson!
Lesson 1
We live on blood.
Eli wrote on the chalk board. We were in the living room. We had moved into a one room apartment that Eli had rented. If things went well Eli said we could stay here for a year!

Part One

So I went to purchase my ticket with my allowance. I chose at random some place. Now I had to wait. So I headed outside and then I saw a girl pulling a trunk. I went up to her and asked her if she needed help. I guess I was not the only one running away tonight.
"Hey there! Do you need help? "
The girl stop and smiled but then her smiled faded.
She continue to walk with her trunk. Then she stopped.
She sat down on the trunk.
She sat there saying nothing. She looked like a statue.
Was she waiting for someone?


Eli and Oskar's story set during the rain.

Chapter 51: The Seed

It was the third day of Hannah’s hibernation, and Richard was getting nervous. “She’s not a vampire, Elaine. I don’t think she’ll be able to survive months of hibernation like Eli did. She’ll die of starvation.”

“We don’t know what she’s capable of, Rich. She’s…unique.”

“We know she’s no stronger than Eli or Oskar,” he retorted. “And Eli just barely survived herself with her full strength.”

“That doesn’t sound like a rigorous scientific observation to me, Rich. You’re thinking with your heart now. Eli could have hibernated another month or two safely. Believe me, I know.”

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