Jason... Jason... Jason... Are you still sleeping, honey? the body of the serial killer Jason Voorhees is a mystery even for the oldest persons that have spent all his life in the place that saw Jason born, the people that have visited the place have been telling "Camp Blood it's cursed" "It's got a death curse!", some have said that Jason is a cursed being condemned to be a force of evil that cannot be stopped and anyone who tries to ends up being killed, but as an urban legend we cannot be sure if it is real or not, UNTIL NOW.

Missing #2

The second of two possible posters that may or may not have circulated Sweden for some months after the "Pool Incident" and Oskars leaving home.
Of course this poster should have come first, but here it is!
Thanks of the special sort to intrige!

The Hunters - Chapter XIV

Trooper Darren McAllister was on pins and needles as he trailed the mysterious Explorer. Just a few more miles, and they would hit the Maryland state line where, he had been told, the federal boys would be waiting to take over this highly unusual assignment. Then he could go back to pulling over speeders and make his monthly quota.

Chapter One

When your love ain’t life it feels like everything’s gone,
‘Cause everything is.
And you search for it, and you hurt for it,
And you promise each other you’ll work on it,
And you might have to let it go free ‘cause it never was yours.
But, that’s everything.




Eli looked back as Oskar came running over the hill with an excited look on his face.

“Where were you?!” Eli said in mock anger, trying to cover up her actual relief. It felt like she had been looking for Oskar for a long time now.

…Too long.

To Whom It May Concern...

This is my first attempt at a series. And...I don't have much of it figured out yet. So I'm kind of pulling together as I go.

I'm also hoping this FF will be a bit different from the others in terms of the story.


Thank You

“Enjoy the little things,
for one day you may look back and realize
they were the big things.”

-Robert Brault


Oskar Eriksson

Eli looked up from the torn piece of newspaper she was holding in her hand and at the headstone.

Oskar Eriksson

This was it. This was him now. A rounded stone. A rock.

So Beautiful

“Dreams are real as long as they last.
Can we say more of life?”
-Havelock Ellis


Oskar jumped slightly as he was startled by the sudden yell of children. He had been staring out the window contemplating the winter. So barren and lifeless made so beautiful just by sprinkling a little bit of white powder around. He loved winter. Though the reason for this seasonal love he couldn’t remember….

The Hunters-Chp. XIII

They were a quarter-way across Chain Bridge, and Jed was reasonably sure they were not being followed. Eli sat in the middle, sniffing and wiping his eyes and nose; Dave, riding shotgun, was as stiff as a board and kept glancing in the side-view. Jed rolled down his window, swerved briefly into the oncoming traffic lane, and heaved his pistol out. It sailed over a tall metal guardrail and disappeared into the darkness toward the Potomac River below.

Life's Memories

Well...What to say.

I have always enjoyed writing and this little piece right here is included. I hope everyone who reads it, gets at least a little something out of it. I know I have gotten a lot out of the other FF on this site.

I think I wrote this for myself just as much as for everyone else. Death is something everybody has to face. Its hard. I think me writing this has a lot to do with that. To help me face it, and know everything I love and cherish will one day be gone and I can't bring it with me. Then I will be forgotten. No trace.

The Hunters-Chapter XII

She was standing at the foot of a green hill beneath a brilliant blue sky. At the top of the hill there was a swingset. A figure was on one swing, swinging back and forth. There was joy in the swinging; a carefree happiness that drew her upward.

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