Let the Long Night End

A lonely boy, slipping into manhood. A sleeping 'girl', frozen in childhood. A forlorn stray, ill-met by moonlight. A weary shepard seeking guidance, uncertain of the unseen. Let the right one in, let the old dreams die, let the wrong ones go...and let the long night end.

By the Train Station

Oskar and Eli meet Lucy and chaos ensues.

A New Life

Chapter 1: Hi my name is Teresa. Officer Jim has taught me a lot of things. For example the 8 ways to say no to drugs. How gangs can affect your family if you enter one. These young people get involved in gangs because they have lower self-steem, and they think these people are their friends. It is not good being in a gang because if you try to get out you can get killed. I also learned that nicotine is a substance that is found in cigarettes. Drinking alcohol can cause accidents, chage your personality, and you can have trouble learning and remembering.

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